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    Smile GREAT Update on my COTH Giveaway filly!!!

    I just wanted to update everyone on my filly, Ember that I got from the COTH Giveaway Forums a year ago. When she came, I had noticed a small swelling on her right hock, which I was afraid may be an OCD Lesion, but I knew I first had to get her thrush taken care of first, and then life just got in the way, so the big vet visit just had to wait. Of course a few COTHers decided to ream me out for waiting, but such is life.

    So, finally, today was the big Vet visit for my Ember filly, and my Mini. The Vet did a full lameness exam, and said he really didn't see much. Even haver flexing, she was barely sore. Then he took 5 X-Rays and said that she DID NOT have an OCD lesion!!! He said she DID have an old hock injury from when she was a baby, but that most people would not have even noticed it. He said her prognosis is excellent, and that she should be fine on just a joint supplement - even to jump later on down the road! I am SO thrilled for my girl!!!

    Of course, the moral of the story (for me) is to not jump to conclusions) and (for others) to not diagnose over the internet. The vet did say that I should always follow my gut since I have a "weird knack for picking up on soundness issues." Hahaha! I told him it was more of a curse.

    He did diagnose my Mini with COPD, which I had feared. but hopefully the Prednisolone will help him out.

    Here is her album, with the latest pics at the bottom:
    The Equine Wellness and Nutrition FB Group - Come join us!!

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    Jan. 18, 2008
    land of the Canucks aka West Coast B.C.


    Aw yay for good news!


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