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    Default Deciphering a TB Pedigree

    Can someone help me/provide tips on how to decipher a pedigree and whether such an exercise is useful in looking at a prospective horse?

    Here's the pedigree I'm trying to figure out:

    This mare has Nasrullah, Bold Ruler, Northern Dancer, Native Dancer, and a Canadian champion TB named Northern Minister in her pedigree. These are the only names I recognize but I really don't know much about any of 'em.

    Is deciphering such a pedigree even a useful tool? And if so, what do you make of this one?

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    If the horse is not intended for breeding, look at the horse in front of you. All TBs are so closely related that good ones can pop up from anywhere. But since jumping is 40% heritable, per the Hanoverian Verband (or at least free jumping), it can give some comfort if there are lines that have historically done well over jumps.

    Nice pedigree. The sire line is excellent, and the damline isn't shabby. Deputy Minister isn't very well proved in sport horses yet; but the tail female is excellent other wise. Rock Talk is a nice line to find so close.
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    My experience with Deputy Minister is they are nice movers, and pretty, but can be kind of slow on the uptake. The Deputy Minister I had is over 17hh, too. She doesn't like to jump.

    But an anecdote doesn't make a rule, of course.

    I like the sire line, too. Laughter had some really nice foals, three others that were stakes winners.

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    I love Private Account. He is Sea Accounts' damsire. And you have Bold Ruler and Damascus in the third generation. This cross is known for producing great jumpers...even back in the bloodlines. And especially as viney mentioned, jumping ability is a highly inheritable trait.

    No personal experience with Deputy Minister, though I've heard good things about him.

    I also like Rock Talk.

    I would expect this to be a nice sporthorse.
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    Vice Regent is nice to have for a hunter type. My Damascus granddauthter has beautiful conformation and movement and if she wasn't a great race broodmare would be a wonderful show mount. She is throwing long turf runners out of short dirt stallions. The only way we can explain that is Damascus.

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