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    Default Enclosed lean-to

    Okay...I have another question on barn building. I've been looking at all the great sites you all linked in my previous thread, and really like the idea of an enclosed lean-to kind of like this barn but not nearly as fancy

    I like the idea of it for storage, hay, our Meadowside Cart and driving gear, tractor equipment, etc.

    I'm curious those of you who have enclosed a lean-to off your barn for storage and how you configured it. Most of the ones I see are drive through, with doors at the ends. I've also seen a couple that have doors on the sides and have sort of compartmentalized it rather than having one big long skinny area.

    Just looking for ideas Thanks!

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    I'm contemplating adding a lean-to to the back of my garage, as a tractor parking spot (tractor currently takes up one of the garage bays) and to store my agility equipment in bad weather - agility field is behind the garage already.

    Back side of the garage is the east-facing side, and house and barn are south of the garage, so my plan is to put a roll-up door (for the tractor) on the south end of the lean-to, and a slider on the east wall (for the agility equipment and general storage). Not sure if I'll divide the space inside with a wall or not - probably isn't necessary, but even a partial wall would create some good space for hanging storage.

    I think how you configure the lean-to is really dependent on what you want to do with it AND the site. If you want to store hay in it, you might consider how you'll get the hay inside - can your delivery person back a truckload of hay in? For the driving gear and cart - would you want to use the space for hitching, or would you hitch elsewhere? Do you need the lean-to to be easily accessible via the driveway (would you ever want to store a trailer inside?)? What kind of flooring will you use?

    Sorry, I've probably given you more questions than answers, but those are the things I'm thinking about when planning my lean-to...

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    The big thing here is prevailing winds. So what I've noticed farmers doing is they put the door on the side that won't be blown in shut with snow.
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    We finished ours last fall and still haven't enclosed it, as we need to do more site leveling work, but at least we've got the big equipment under cover and out of the barn. Its 10x36. The plan is to have sliding doors on each short end, and also in the center of the long side. That way, we can drive equipment in/out the ends but also have access to everything in the middle without having to move the tractors out of the way.

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    Holy crap that's a beautiful barn!
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    I just did the cheap route and had an enclosed "carport" put in. Under right at $2000 if I add in the gates and it went up in about three hours (3 weeks wait after ordering it). It's 20x18 and I can park my mule, my tractor, bush hog, fork, and lawn mower in it. Will build shelves later for fuel storage.

    I know it's not what an upscale place would want but after I put my first hay shed in (on the left in pic) in '09 and got such bang for my buck, I decided to get another for the equipment. (Just finished equip shed on the right - no gates yet.)

    Would love to have half or a 1/4th the beautiful barn like in the OP's link but no way, no how for me.

    My post is just a thought for any of the other people out there that need more inexpensive structures. I honestly didn't think that "carport" structures would be as durable or relatively inexpensive. And I honestly don't think mine look bad or tacky though I know many people would disagree. Luckily, I live on the tail end of a dirt road so who's going to complain??? LOL!

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