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    Feb. 25, 1999
    Castro Valley/Brentwood, California


    as a young horse trainer, i can appreciate the costs involved from birthing baby, then getting baby to riding age without any career threatening injuries. those first three years are so critical for baby's future and the most dangerous because human is on the ground and not in the saddle. having a facility that is conducive to backing baby and riding baby becomes so important--footing and arena size are huge factors. the better known young horse trainers/riders are expensive, but there are those of us who are not. do i want john french on one of my young hunters in the show ring? you betcha. he has a name, i do not. and john french is right across the bay from me. :-) so, my owners and i go to alot of schooling shows to keep costs down for me and them. we want to go to the bigger shows but until baby has been out and about quite a bit, we're not willing to spend thousands showing for a week at sonoma or menlo park or woodside. the better known names can't afford to be injured either, heck, neither can i. :-) so, the basic work is done slow...ya can't expect a horse to read write and spell on a timeframe. so owners have to be willing to go with their horses' agenda, not a show calendar. there may be some unforeseen injuries along the way, babies find trouble. :-) joint health is many variables as baby grows up. we have a weanling by stalypso headed to the hannoverian inspection in half moon bay this month...i am running him. he has known me since birth, we feel he will do better with me rather than a professional on the line handler. plus i have that experience. :-) the stallion testing is a great thing. i will be following the results closely. kudos to those hosting it, hopefully some day there will be one on the west coast. :-) good luck to all the owners.....thanks for sending your boys!!!!!!!!
    Bethe Mounce
    Head Trainer, AmeriCan Romance Equestrian
    Brentwood CA

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    Yes, our horses win often enough, but you certainly can't budget that in as it is not a given. And, I did provide the information straight from a local show prize list.

    When hauling 10 horses to a show, it is unrealistic to bring bedding and hay for 2 weeks. That would be 200 bags of bedding and 70 bales of hay. Also, many show sites do not allow outside hay and/or bedding.

    Quote Originally Posted by S A McKee View Post
    It's really very simple.
    Look at prize lists for costs.

    don't pay what the BNT asks for. Shop around and find out what he/she charges others and don't get ripped off.

    And I see showjumpers still can't read for comprehension.
    Please note in my post I mentioed a regional competition.
    don't whine because you live in an outpost of showing.
    I see you don't account for any prize money in your costs. OMG do your horses never win anything ??

    And take your own feed, hay and bedding with you. Anyone who pays what the shows charge is plain silly.

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    Sam- seriously? Have you been to an A horse show in the last two years? There is no show in California that has a stall for less than 200, let alone office fees, USHJA fees, nominating fees, administrative fee, and entry fees. I though Silver Creek's estimates were on the low side Good luck to all the lovely boys in the upcoming weeks.
    Expecting 2017 foals by Vagabond de la Pomme, Cornet Obolensky, Zirocco Blue, Catoki and Christian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RanchoAdobe View Post
    Sam- seriously? Have you been to an A horse show in the last two years? There is no show in California that has a stall for less than 200, let alone office fees, USHJA fees, nominating fees, administrative fee, and entry fees. I though Silver Creek's estimates were on the low side Good luck to all the lovely boys in the upcoming weeks.
    Yes, within the last week.
    And you can't read either LOL
    Yuck California !!!

    Regional shows can be two day A shows. I mentioned that in my post. Just to educate you, the east coast has more shows, more exhibitors and more horses. And thanks to smart show management many B and C shows that offer a full selection of Zone and National divisions all within easy shipping distance.
    Agsin, if someone wants to pay silly amounts for grooms, trainers and feed at the show that's their problem but don't complain about the cost of shows because you've made some expensive decisions.

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    Feb. 27, 1999
    Virginia and North Carolina, Parrothead Clique!


    Stalls at Warrenton, a C rated Virginia horse show, are $200. That's whether you're there one night or all week. The vast majority of East Coast horse shows are in that range.

    Again, if you don't have horses actually doing this, then I'm afraid your opinion doesn't have much validity. Yes some trainers will work with you, but they have to make a living too.

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    I read this thread with great interest because I have a mare that will be showing next year and it has been a loooooong time since I have been to A shows.

    I took my mare to the AA show in Tyler to school last weekend. She was there for four days. She did not compete so my fees were obviously lower, but my expenses were $200 for the stall, $50 for the office fee, $100 for the non-showing fee, $72 for 5 bags of shavings and 2 bales of hay, I will just say that my day/groom and schooling fees were nowhere near $500, and I brought her grain and I hauled her myself which cost me about $50 in gas for the 140 mile round trip. I did not braid her but I asked about cost which I was told is $85 for a mane and tail. Overall I was very pleased. It would have cost just over $1,000 had she shown.

    So, just out of curiosity, are there any one day A shows in the U.S. anymore? We had them at our barn all the time when I was a kid.
    Sheila Armstrong, Stone Creek Sport Horses, Dallas, TX
    Proud half owner of the KWPN Stallion TORONTO

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    New England

    Default Hemmingway

    I apologize if I missed it but what happened to Hemmingway?

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    Feb. 20, 2006


    He was not able to complete the test this year. We are very careful with the stallions, and it was the unanimous decision of the testing staff that he not continue with the test this year at a certain point. We want the stallions to have a long career after this test and will never do anything to jeapordize that. Its my understanding that he in doing well in a light flatwork schedule at the moment and he is welcome back of course to any future test.
    Summer Stoffel
    Silver Creek International/Equicore

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    It was a great disappointment for all of us that Hemmingway wasn't able to complete the test this year. He and Qredit have been quite the pair throughout the summer including the trip out to the National Championships before heading onto the testing. Thankfully, Summer and the testing staff were very attentive to each stallion and when they noticed a change in Hemmingway they immediately consulted their vets, the staff at Hilltop and his owners. At the end of the day, its all about what is best for the horse and we all agreed that it would be better to bring Hemmingway back to Hilltop where we could back down to light flatwork for a short time instead of trying to push through the testing and risking a permanent injury. He's doing really well and along with Theresa and Bob we are now switching our focus onto next year's show schedule for him.
    Hilltop Farm, Inc.

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