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    Default Bone spurs

    This is in reference to the same mare i was talking about a week or too ago with some PPE drama. Turns out she has a bone spur in the left front pastern. I haven't seen the xrays myself, so i don't know how big or bad it is. The vet said she should be fine for the lower level jumps, but wouldn't say what he meant by lower jumps. I consider 3'6 lower level, but i don't think that is what the vet thinks.

    Now I don't know what to do. This horse has been showing this season in the 3'3, schooling 3'6, never had an off day in her life. She is 14, with great lines, and her owner needs her sold... yesterday. Before knowing she had this spur, she was a 20k horse, owner marketed her much less to sell quickly, and the area were in isn't great for truly talented horses.

    Now what? How does this affect her price, her market, her future/career? I've had two horses with spurs (bought them both very cheap for other reasons) and never had issues with them.

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    I don't know a ton about bone spurs, but I will share my personal experience with you anyway. My first TB mare (never raced) was going on and off lame for about a year when she was only 6. Vet came out and discovered she had a bone spur on her right hind pastern. The bone spur was creating arthritic symptoms in the 6 yr old who had never shown above 2'6. I retired her to a broodmare farm since I did not have the money to try to make an unsound horse sound.

    In your case, it seems much more reasonable for a 14 yr old to have a bone spur. Lucky for you, she is sound with it! Take my opinion with a grain of salt, but anyone who is purchasing an older, higher level horse should expect to have to do some maintenance along the way. It is unpredictable whether this spur will create problems in the near future or way down the road, so that is a risk for potential buyers. I can't give you an opinion on the price, as I am not an expert. Just sharing a personal experience with you and how mine unfortunately ended up. From what I understand, bone spurs can go either way.

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    That's what im having such a dilemma with is that the spur either is going to be a problem, or it isn't. There really is no in between.

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