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    Oct. 6, 2008
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    Default Free Kindle Book

    Spirit Horses

    I just downloaded it....

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    Jul. 8, 2007


    Thanks! I just picked it up.

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    Feb. 8, 2004
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    Eh, looks too mystikal, woo-woo, and bodice ripper for me.
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    Thanks just got it!!!!!!

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    So many kindle books that end up on the free list seem to deal with some kind of tragedy and how the survivors deal with it -- I am not so interested in reading about that at the moment. I understand that tragic drama makes a good plot, though.

    The author states he is a horse trainer and has been for 30 years. Tell us how it was!

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    Feb. 9, 2009


    I've got this book and liked it, except for the author being utterly clueless about the herd hierarchy of wild horses. He thinks the noble stallion leads them. The hero also gentles two wolf hybrids who become his devoted companions.

    There is romance, but it's a long way from bodice-ripper, and there is a charming story line about a young boy on the reservation learning about horsemanship.

    The basic premise is that he ends up with a little mare that is dangerous to handle, gentles and schools her to become a favorite family horse, and learns that she's from a special herd of feral horses on an Indian reservation that are never sold. Therefore she's been stolen.

    One of his children draws a picture of the little mare returning to her wild herd. Shortly thereafter the kids and mom are killed in an auto accident and the trainer goes into deep depression. He hands his training business over to his employee and spends a year or so feeling miserable before finding that picture again. He is thus inspired to take her to her herd, and that opens up a lot of problems.

    A better plot line would have let the mare stay with the boy who wants to learn good horsemanship, as you have to feel what a trained horse is like before you can create one.

    Despite some shortcomings, overall this book is pretty good, though you'll need a box of kleenex on hand.
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    Jun. 7, 2004


    got it

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