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    Default Blister Beetles in the Northwest

    We've not had to worry much about blister beetles in Northwest alfalfa, but apparently that has changed. I don't typically feed alfalfa, but I know others do, so thought I'd pass this article along.

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    These thing have recently become my own personal paranoia.

    I had vague sense of blister beetle existence, but maybe it wasn't something to worry about where I grew up (east coast). I recently saw something in The Horse about them.

    I now live in MN & the barn feeds alfalfa. (I would prefer grass hay, but for now I have to live with it.) So I wonder if these things are around here. I google. It looks possible.

    I asked BO (she bales her own hay & buys some) & she said it wasn't anything she worried about. Naturally, this made me more worried.

    Vet was around the other day & I accosted her & gave her the drill about blister beetles. She said issues in the area were super rare, and usually associated with hay brought in from elsewhere.

    Does this make me feel better? No, it just convinces me horse will die b/c no one is looking for blister beetles.

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    I unknowingly fed out hay last winter that did contain some blister beetles (at least i suspect that's what they were). No one in my area (Calgary, Alberta) has even heard of these - not even the large hay company I now buy my hay from.

    I just right now phoned the lovely couple that I bought hay from last year to tell them of my suspisions. It was awkard as we are friendly with them, but I had to let her know that I thought they had these beeltes in their hay fields before anybody else's horses are put at risk Luckily my guy was ok but it KILLS me to think that he was at exposed to this and I had no idea.

    Just add to the list of terrible things I have done to him without lately! (His teeth were over-floated in December, and as a result got ulcers. Sometimes I think he'd be better sitting in a field left alone to fend for himself. At least noone would be trying to poison him and make it so the poor boy can't chew Faaaa.)

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