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    Default NBC - Breaking Even

    Maybe if they would charge for signing up online only (no connection to their crappy cable services) they could make even more money!! As it is, Expat is now my friend!

    Yep, sour grapes here. I hate Comcast.
    "Relinquish your whip!!"

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    Aug. 12, 2010
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    They are going to have to change their tune in the future...the percentage of US households with broadband Internet service but no pay TV service is small but growing:

    We fall in that category...very fast Internet connection and no cable/sat TV, just a big antenna on the roof. I WOULD have paid something...even $50 or $100 to stream the Olympics online without having to subscribe to pay TV. Don't know exactly how many others like me there are out there, or how much they'd have paid, but I'll be it's enough to make a few extra bucks...Velvet being another potential customer .

    I think they are using the Olympics coverage as a last ditch effort to convince a few households to go back over to the pay TV "dark side" would be interesting to see if it had any effect, kind of doubt it, most people who've cut cable or never subscribed to it are pretty committed to their decision if they are anything like me (bet they are, if they are bucking the system . This is about the ONLY thing I've wanted to watch, available with cable, that I don't have another way of watching legally, and it's not compelling enough to sell my soul to the cable company for a minimum 1-2 year contract.

    Things are changing and the writing is on the wall for the cable/satellite TV providers, they'd better come up with another way to make money or they'll find themselves marginalized. Broadband and streaming are the way things are going.

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    Aug. 30, 2001
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    I have a Verizon login to use and it works really well, even with my mid speed Internet connection.

    I have watched about four hours of streamed events, some live, some replay, all equestrian, and that is more television I have watched than in the past year.

    If I was paying? I think $29 would be my max limit, with reduced ads. As it is now, I have to watch multiple commercials, but I did not pay, so I am ok with them.

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    Agree w/ Canaqua. Streaming is the future, but of ourse it's not in Comcast's best interest to admit that. I'm another one w/ no cable & no intention of getting same.
    "The standard you walk by is the standard you accept."--Lt. Gen. David Morrison, Austalian Army Chief

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