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    Default Cancer?

    Seems my older (21) horse is still exploring veterinary medicine

    In 2008 he turned up with a small wound on a hind leg and slight lameness. When hosing and rest didnt cause it to resolve, the vet came out. Was diagnosed with a damaged SFT. Treated with shockwave and more rest. There was a lump the size of a grape. Seemed to come sound for a few months and was started into light work but the lameness returned. US showed disruption again in the tendon. Tendon splitting was recommended but not in the budget. Was treated with hyphercation to try to reheal the tendon while keeping him in gentle motion. The lump was now about twice as large - we thought it would go down but it didnt. US showed some good healing. He was sound for light riding for about 5 months and lameness returned. At that point he was retired.
    He has lived with 12 hr pasture turnout and barefoot behind since May 2011. He is still short on that hind but appears comfortable otherwise. Over the winter I thought the lump was larger but it was hard to tell with the hairy boy. Once he shed out it was apparent that the lump was once again larger- probably double again. Lameness is unchanged.
    I was concerned about what this would mean for managing his issues so had the vet out. He did US. Good news is that the tendons appear unaffected by the lump. Bad news is that we dont know what the lump is. Vet felt on US that is looked like a neoplasm - cancer - but would need a biopsy to know. The location meant the it could not be easily removed regardless. So I have opted to just wait and see since it really doesnt change the management for him as I wont do heroic measures anyway.
    Has anyone had experinece with a cancer that appears as a lump under the skin on a leg? Skin looks nomal, has hair.

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    Nope, no experience with tendon issues. But from a small animal perspective if skin and hair look normal that's "generally" a good thing. The lump has been there for four years? Bad cancers "typically" do bad things sooner.

    Could your vet just take a small wedge of the bump for biopsy? Then you could know what you're up against and plan accordingly.


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