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    Default Open Pony broodmare drinking more water than usual

    Hi all,

    So, my open, 8 yr old, 12 h, pony mare has been drinking a lot more water than she normally does.

    She has an old large (25 lb) Strongid bucket I'm not sure how many gallons that would be 10 gallons maybe?

    She has been drinking it dry and dragging me out to the water in her field in the morning and stands and drinks there for at least 5 min. Stall is dry where bucket is so, she's not spilling it.

    I weaned her foal off of her Sept 1st. She went to stay at my friend's place where she had a run in and her own field for the month. When I would go visit her, I noticed on a couple occasions that her water was low. I just chalked it up to them just not getting to it yet. I'm wondering now if it had started then.

    She dried up fine and is eating normally. No temp. Weight is good, utd on vaccines and deworming. I was about to deworm her with Equimax but will wait for now.

    Any ideas? Seems young for cushings but I guess it's possible. I'm waiting to hear back from my vet but I thought that I would run it by you guys while I wait.

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    I'm not a vet, so cannot offer any concrete advice. I will say though, we had a lesson horse years ago that suddenly started drinking A LOT of water. Did a blood panel and turned out she had a thyroid problem. We started her o Thyroid-L and her drinking eventually went back to normal. It might be worth speaking with your vet and getting some blood work done.
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