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    Default Ariat Volant?

    So hubby asked what I want for my birthday and I thought of my Ariat field boots with the holes rubbed through the inside calf and the Ariat Volants that came out a while back..... I asked about them then but they hadn't been out that long.... Opinions? Would got with the black back-zipped ones!


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    LOVE THEM!!! I bought mine a month or so ago, rode in them for 3 weeks ish (haven't ridden last few weeks), and I'm in love! They're seriously like running shoes, so comfortable, super grippy calves (I rode in my old boots at the last show for xc because the Volants weren't broken in enough yet but I'm looking forward to running xc in them)...they're fantastic. Can't comment on durability yet though

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    Hi Jennifer,

    I will ask my instructor what she thinks of her boots and their longevity. She has had them for at least 4 months and rides up to 12 horses a day. It could be up to a week before I see her again. I just had a lesson this morning and I ride at odd hours.

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    May. 28, 2012


    I have them... got them for schooling because I figured the $500 "down payment" would actually be cheaper than buying new paddock boots and half chaps every 6 months for the next few years.

    They are REALLY comfy. They broke in within a few rides and yet the leather seems tough and sturdy enough to last awhile. The zipper is heavy duty too. The insole was very cushy and gel-like when I got them, but that's broken down a bit so they aren't quite as squishy now as when I got them. They are still comfy, though. Very similar to a tennis shoe.

    They are also very grippy because they have an oiled leather panel on the inside.

    I think I will get a lot of lifetime out of these boots... provided I clean the sweat off of them every day! They just seem very heavy-duty. They do seem to make my legs pretty hot and sweaty, but I suck it up

    I don't LOVE the way they look on me, but that's mainly because I have tiny ankles and even the "slim" is too wide for me. I have this problem with most boots though (except the Monacos). I think if they were all polished up and fit more snugly, they would be a very smart looking boot.

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    Boy I could have written this same question, complete with the holey Ariat field boots! Except replace birthday with Christmas. My old boots were more patch than boot. I looked long and hard for a boot that was roomy enough in the toe box to accommodate a bunion and also tall enough and fitted enough without going custom. I hunted for a YEAR before trying the Volante on a whim. The 11 tall did the trick! Thank goodness!! They have broken in so easily, and are so much easier to get on/off, even though I was very skeptical of the zipper at first it is great. I love the new spur rest design too.
    where are we going, and why am I in this hand basket?

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