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    May. 3, 2012

    Default Ration Balancer v Supplement?

    What is the difference? To me a ration balancer just sounds like a supplement. Also, which do you feed? There is both Nutrena and Purina available in our area.

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    "Supplement" just means "something extra you add". A ration balancer, very specifically, is a feed that contains a combination of the essential vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids along with either a modest or a fairly sizeable amount of protein. Fed at the rate of 1-2 pounds per day, it has a substantial calorie count as well as the typical vitamins/minerals, etc.

    If you mean to compare it with a garden-variety vit/min supplement, you will find that those are minus the protein and usually the essential amino acids, and are usually fed at a much smaller volume of 2-4 ounces a day. Virtually no calories.

    The main difference is the protein/calorie content.

    I use both, actually. The normal-metabolism horses and harder keepers get the (Purina) ration balancer, and the easy keepers get nothing but the recommended small serving (it winds up being 3oz, which is how much a handful is when I do the scooping!) of a pelleted vit/min/AA supplement, which happens to be made by Uckele.
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    May. 3, 2012


    Thanks deltawave! I love the link in your sig, btw.

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    I equate ration balancers with Total cereal. Everything you need in one bowl. Add extra calories as needed.

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    Dec. 12, 2004


    Basically what deltawave said. My fatty fat QH gets the 3oz scoop of vitamins...and nothing else, to his never-ending dinner time dismay. The hard-keeping TBs both get the 1lb scoop of RB (which gets them their vit/min plus 1500calories) plus whatever assorted grains they're on.

    I use the Poulin MVP, have had fantastic results with it.

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