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    Default Help - Hoof Issue!

    My 10 yr old jumper mare (who I've owned for 5 yrs) pulled a shoe a few weeks ago. We live in Rochester, NY and have had little rain so her feet are very dry. Farrier and I decided to go with 2 glue on shoes in the front so she could grow out the hoof with the pulled shoe with no issues. No unsoundness through this whole episode. Of coarse when I was on vacation last week she managed to pull the glue on she from the same foot she pulled the shoe before. Luckily, there was not much further hoof damage, but she is a bit sore (90% sound). Barn manager put her in a hoof boot because my farrier was also on vacation at the time. At this point I am not not if we should put another glue on shoe on that foot or leave her in the hoof boot for the time being. Also I am unsure if I should be riding her through this or not. Suggestions appreciated! Does anyone ride with a hoof boot? I wouldn't be opposed to giving my horse a few weeks off to let the hoof heal either. Thanks in advance!

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    I'd reshoe because hoof boots aren't for24/7 wear. Yes you can ride her in it if she's sound and comfortable.
    Why can your farrier not build the foot up with putty or epoxy and shoe with nails????
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