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    Default Recently gelded horse...What to expect?

    Tomorrow, I'm going to look at/try a 4 year TB who was gelded 2 weeks ago. Anybody have any experience with that and can you tell me what to expect in terms of movement (should he still be sore?) and/or attitude? Thanks!

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    Shouldn't really still be sore. May have whatever studdy behavior he had before, if can take a month or so to see any difference in behavior.

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    I bought a colt off the track (4 yr old) and had him gelded. He was very good natured even as a stud. After the surgery, he was still showing studdiness for a couple months. It takes a bit of time to get all that testosterone out of their system. He will probably still be a bit sore and swollen, seems to take a bit longer to recover if they are older. But after a while, he will be a fine gelding!

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    My horse was three and a half when I bought him and had just been gelded the month before. He still thinks he's a stud, even now, at 8 years old. Was never bred, never out with mares (until I got him - that ended fairly quickly as he WILL do the deed, don't ask me how he can, he can). Not to say yours (if you buy him) will end up like mine.
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    I geld a number every year...It totally depends on the horses manner BEFORE he was gelded.............

    I gelded a big 4yr old a 2 weeks later took him to an all TB show. He hacked in a ring w/ mares and geldings completely oblivious to their gender....3 weeks he was going out w/ other gelding in turn ..drama...

    he should be well on his way to healed.
    We give them the next day post castration off them they go back to thier program work..unless he got an infection or is unhealthy they heal up and go on pretty quick.

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    Keep in mind that even after gelding, some sperm can remain in the reproductive tract and even though the horse doesn't have the official equipment anymore, that sperm can result in an unexpected foal
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuckerForHorses View Post
    Keep in mind that even after gelding, some sperm can remain in the reproductive tract and even though the horse doesn't have the official equipment anymore, that sperm can result in an unexpected foal
    I think you're supposed to wait at least 60 days before turning them out with mares.

    Do you know if the horse was ever bred?
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    I think you should give a call to the owner and ask them directly prior to going there. It really depends on the horse.

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    Shouldn't be sore 2 weeks later.

    Can still possibly get mares pregnant up to about 45 days post-op.

    Gelding doesn't always change "learned" behaviors - like acting "studdy" but should take away the biological response to a mare in heat.

    If the horse had good manners prior to being gelded, he should still have good manners. If he didn't, well someone still needs to teach him - "tumor" removal won't have done that....

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