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    Default Keratoma Help - Need advice from anyone who has experience

    My standardbred rescue has off and on lameness due to chronic absesses. Two years ago he had surgery to remove a keratoma that was supposed to fix this problem however we are back in the same place again. xrays reveal a big chunk of the pedal bone is missing. The question that the vet is now trying to answer is was this what the foot looked like post op (they did scrape at the bone then) OR is there more deterioration/is the keratoma back. The xrays look a heck of a lot like other keratoma xrays I have seen on the internet. I don’t remember this missing bone being such a big chunk in 2010. You can also see three large absess tracks in the xray.
    I asked that we not do another surgery unless completely necessary. I don’t know much about keratomas but I read they can live in the foot once they attach and will stop growing vs continuing to eat at the bone they live there and stop. I wonder if we can keep the foot happy (shoes with pads so crap does not jam into the white line and cause absesses) if we could keep it controlled vs another surgery (apparently recurrence can occur if they do not get all the tissue out). Does no bruising mean less abscesses and less lameness? I don’t know but the surgery will mean a long stall rest and a miserable horse so I'm almost willing to try it if there is hope.

    The other question lingering for me is could this deterioration be from chronic abscesses/bone infection in an oddly balanced club foot and not be a keratoma at all? Could we keep him sound by balancing him better on shoes? I have radiographs if you have experience and want to see them. Thanks

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    Only that my vets had not had any long term success with rehabbing after surgery. So when our gelding was diagnosed we chose to euthanize him, since not only did it seem incredibly painful for him, he was also in his twenties and had Cushings.

    My chiro/vet did think on a younger horse he would try the Black Tar ointment, whose more official name escapes me. If you look up anti-cancer alternative therapy it should come up... But not sure how that would work unless it was close to the surface. Will ask him Monday when I see him.


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