This winter I fractured five bones in Ocala, my clavicle among them. When I learned the clavicle needed to be repaired surgically, I consulted with my brother, an orthopedic surgeon. Knowing that his "Older Amateur" sister is still vain and likes to wear strappy dresses, he urged me to consider an alternative to the traditional plate and screw method of repair which can be quite unsightly, leaving large scars.

I decided to heed my brother's advice and have my clavicle repaired with the Sonoma CRX pin, which is not only better alternative cosmetically, but also resulted in a much quicker recovery. I travelled clear across the country to the surgeon in Seattle who invented the pin. Immediately after the procedure, my range of motion was greatly improved. Just being able to get dressed and comb my own hair was a treat.

Four weeks post-op, someone would have a hard time finding my 1 1/2 inch scar. After eight weeks of PT, which I started one month after surgery, I had my full range back. Even with my fractured shoulder, I could hit the heck out of a golf ball.

As for riding, I am able to start as soon as I have the pin removed, for although I have felt well enough to mount up, my doctor does not recommend doing anything that might result in a fall with the pin in place. It will be removed next week, four months post-op through two pin-point incisions in the back of my shoulder.