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    Default Adding a second dog

    I lived in an apartment last year with three other people who have since graduated and moved on. My dog and I are staying in the same apartment, and I found three new roommates, all from the barn basically.

    One roommate is bringing a dog with her. We've talked dogs a lot, and are very compatible with our ideas. Our dogs have both done obedience and socialization, have similar play styles, but have never met.

    I'm wondering how to go about the introductions? My dog has lived there for a year, so I assume he'll think of it as his house. We both have crates, and use them, so anyways, ideas and suggestions would be helpful!

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    You both take your dogs for a walk and let the dogs met in neutral territory first, then walk them together to your place.

    Keep them under supervision for a few days and no toys or chews laying around.
    Bring those out only when you can monitor and referee.

    As you see them getting along, you can relax and go back to normal, once they have learned to coexist.

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