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    Jun. 27, 2012

    Default Moving mare from NC to AZ, how to ease transition?

    Hi all,

    I've decided to bring one of my mares back to Arizona with me from our family farm in N.C. We had originally intended to breed her, but she didn't take this year due to having some issues with pseudomonas putida. No biggie, she's being treated, but I've decided that I want to do some heavy showing over the next few years and want her with me.

    I'd love some suggestions on easing the transition for her. In particular, I'm worried about our brutal Arizona summers. I usually ride at 5 am, so she wouldn't be in work during the day. I know there can be issues with such a drastic climate change. I won't bring her right now, when we're at the height of the summer, but I also don't want to wait too long.

    Also, she's coming from 20 acres of rolling green hills at our family farm in N.C. How can I make the transition to no grass easier for her? She was born in Phoenix and spent the first year or so of her life there. Not sure that this makes a difference.

    She's a 17.2hh RPSI, 11 years old. A "bit" (according to her grandmother) overweight, but we're working on that.

    Suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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    out west


    There are a few barns that have grass pastures. I live in Gilbert and have grass.

    Because it is mostly dry heat here, I think your mare should transition fine.

    As long as she sweats ok, she shouldn't overheat.

    If she doesn't sweat you can put her on one ac which works wonders and also helps with overweight horses prone to foundering. (my friend uses it for this reason)

    Where will your horse be boarded at, or do you have a place.

    As long as the barns has good airflow and fans, I think you will be fine.

    Good luck! Your mare will be fine!

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    Mar. 24, 2010


    My biggest concern would be lack of movement if you're in a typical AZ barn with little turnout after she's been out constantly. I'd make sure to do a lot of walking, either in hand or on her back, to help her adjust to moving less on her own.

    Definitely give her bermuda to keep her happy with food most of the time while not packing on even more pounds, too.

    I agree that the climate shouldn't be so bad as long as she has airflow wherever she is since we don't have humidity. And riding at 5am is definitely the way to go!
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