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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynnwood View Post
    As terrible as her ride was that horse walked on the course "walked" on tossing its head and being terrible about its mouth. I don't think he helped the situation to be any less painful for either of them.

    After watching most of that video I can say that I've seen just as bad on any given day ripping around the lower lvl jumpers at most rated shows.

    This and a half.

    I have twice in my gotten on horses that went like that and my first impression was 'get me off this horse, now!' Both were moderately successful eventers in their past life but that tense, pacey, flippy head business makes me turn green.

    These horses need a soooofffftttt stable rider. I know that I sometimes need help and they may be willing to cover for me, or they might rear. They feel like they'll rear. I don't like rearing.

    I totally felt for that rider 100% of her body language says 'get me off this horse... Now!'. I think she had a bad draw and didn't have the skill to handle it. Stinks for her to have mastered 4 other sports to lose it in the draw for riding, but at least she knows what to work on

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    I was just watching this video from the 2012 WC. It is an hour an 40, I have gotten through 10 rounds, and all of them were questionable, and seem to average about 20 faults. That is acceptable and comparable to what we see at lower level jumpers? I think not.

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