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    Jul. 21, 2012

    Default HORSE STROKE

    Hi All,

    2 weeks ago, my horse showed symptoms of horse stroke, he wouldn't walk and when he did he was all over the place. at first i thought maybe he had done something to his pelvis, but when i got the vet out she said he may have encephalitis (a virus horses contract from a mozzie bite). she took his blood and 2 days later called and said nothing showed in his blood & that his vitals were all okay, no temp and his heart beat was fine.

    the next week, he was fine, running around his yard like nothing had happened the previous week.

    then on tuesday (4 days ago) we got a call from the man who owns the property my horse is agisted at saying he was all wobbly again. this time we called a different vet seeking a second opinion. the vet said its one of three things: encephalitis, stroke or he could have a fracture in his neck as he is a bit stiff when moving his head to the right. she mentioned all 3 were treatable via the same drugs.

    today i went and saw him and watched him walk in 2 circles just to get to his feed bucket. this is making me think he may have had a stroke as i have been told when horses have had a stroke they tend to walk in circles a few times and the messages from the brain to the limbs are blocked.

    the vet sent his blood off to the DPI (for non Australians, that is the department of primary industries and they look after animal viruses etc) and now i have to wait 2 weeks to find out what the verdict is. i am hoping it is the mozzie virus as its a virus and it will go away. but i believe he has had a stroke, all the reading i have done suggests it. but it is just weird how 2 weeks ago he was bad, a week later he was back to normal, running around his yard like a young colt again and then 4 days ago back to being bad again.

    can someone please give me some information on stroke in horses, fractures or encephalitis OR tell me what you did with your horse if they had one of the above, and what my options with treatment are.

    thank you, it means ALOT.

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    I think that you may want to have your vet out to radiograph his cervical spine. Are you treating him with anything? I'm not sure I would want to wait 2 weeks before radiographing him honestly. Best of luck.
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    It sounds more like a vertebrae issue to me, especially considering that the symptoms got better and then worse again. I would definitely NOT wait two weeks for test results; get radiographs ASAP. I would guess that the sooner it is diagnosed if it IS a neck injury, the better the prognosos.

    Encephalitis is a virus, but, depending on the strain (there are three, and I don't know which are found in Australia), it does not usually have a good outcome. Of the three, two have a fatality rate somewhere in the range of 90%; the other is much lower. I don't tell you this to scare you, but it's not "just a virus" like some sicknesses are.

    I wouldn't think stroke because of the return to seemingly normal function, but it could be. In any case, I would get the radiographs ASAP.

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