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    Default Julie Winkle

    I am seriously considering joining Julie Winkle's internship program in about two years (Gotta save up some money and graduate from highschool). A guy from my barn was at her place for 6 months and LOVED it. Has anyone else heard about it or had any experiences/clinics with Julie? I hear she's a hard trainer but totally worth it.

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    Only met her once but the A trainers I personally know have dealt and continue to deal with her buy/sell/lease wise. That tells me she is well regarded and honest.

    Far as her being "hard"? If it was easy to turn out AA level horses and riders like she does? There'd be alot more at the elite level then there are.

    It's a hard business on any level but when perfection is part of the judging criteria? Successful trainers simply cannot tolerate anything less then the best effort of all concerned.
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    Her last name is spelled Winkel.

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    I've visited her facility a few times and have met and been around some of the interns.

    It's a really good program if you want to be in the industry and lack experience. You'll ride a lot. I steered an aquaintance to her program and she's been doing quite well. She's gotten a lot of saddle time and has learned quite a bit.

    Julie is very nice and very professional. I wouldn't consider her unreasonable in what I've seen of her expectations. If I wasn't in my late-twenties and married, I would have considered her program for myself.

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    I was a haul in lesson client for 3 years, about 15 years ago. Two things impressed me right off: my first lesson had at least 10 riders, and I was wondering how much I would get out of it. However, every time I rode by her, she had a quick, totally correct and to the point comment, and some neglected parts of my riding improved dramatically while I was there. Also, as a non-training client, I was treated equally to the in barn clients in lessons, and especially impressive as I had a QH and did not show USEF then, only in her schooling shows and in the QH show hunter classes. (Always helps to have a nice horse, ride well, and apply what you are taught, though).

    I would definately join her program.
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    Based on your other posts, you seem like a sweet kid with a great attitude and some good ambition.

    But based on this post: I'm not sure if getting an internship with Julie in a couple of years is realistic (I could be wrong!).

    I know two young women who've been in Julie's program. Both participated in the Emerging Athletes Program and made it to the finals and both are extremely talented riders. The point I'm making is that the two people I know who went to Julie's are some of the top young riders in the country.

    Julie gives lots of clinics all over the country. Would it be possible for you to attend one of her clinics? That way you could meet her and talk to her about your goals, where you are now, and whether attending her program is realistic? Also, you'd get a good glimpse into her style.
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