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    Default slow feeding bale

    Well I love the idea of slow feeding 24/7 and so I bought a fish net and made a bale slow feeder. My horse is 15-15.1 roughly 900lbs and pony is 11hands about 550lbs.Bales are 6.75. I put the 45-50lb hay bale in a extra water trough. The first two times that I filled the hay it took them 2days to finish each bale. Which isn't too bad as that's almost what they would normally eat if I fed them at different times anyways. The last bale I put out yesterday morning and it was gone this morning.
    If I fed like that everyday it would double my cost in hay! Any ideas to slow it down more?

    Would a grate type slow feeder be harder from them to eat from?

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    Fish net has holes that are simply too big. I'd go with a much smaller hole net like what is offered by Plus the CC nets are very tough!
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    Curious, how big are the holes in a fish net?

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    Quote Originally Posted by trubandloki View Post
    Curious, how big are the holes in a fish net?
    Depends on what kind of fish, sizewise, that you are fishing for. Seine nets can have very small holes to catch everyting. While other kinds of nets for bigger fish, have larger holes to let small fish slide thru.

    Does sound like OP's equines have figured out the netted hay, for best results in consumption.

    Maybe OP should just put out the correct amount for the day, in the net. Feed daily what equines are supposed to get and control the intake. Daily feeding of limited quantity of netted hay, will prevent feeding the extra amount, and prevent blimping them out. So she shouldn't need to buy extra if she doesn't give them a full bale daily. Does turn the feeding of hay, back into a DAILY task. Netting will probably prevent any wasted hay as well.

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    i want one which rolls as they eat it so they have to move to eat. know of anyway to engineer that?

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    I love the small hole hay nets from Dover. They slow my horses down big time and there is very little waste
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