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    Default Your horse's girth stats: girth size/breed/height?

    I recently got an AP saddle and had to buy a long girth, since I normally ride in a dressage saddle with a short girth. I tried on a few girths from the schoolhorses' collection and found out my mare takes a 50" one. She's a 16.2 TB and pretty normal, I'd say, not really narrow but not really wide either. Since my TB gelding is only 16.0 hands but rounder, I thought he could use it, too.

    Wrong! I had to bring out the longest girth in the barn for him, which is normally worn by a 17.0 hand Cleveland Bay. I think it is a 54" but it may be longer and even at that it barely fit. He's been out of work and has a little more fat than the mare but you can still feel his ribs easily--it's just that he's built like a barrel.

    What breed is your horse, what is his/her build/height, and what size girth do they take?

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    Chip is a 16 h TB and he wears a 50". He's of average build, not a rail or a barrel type.
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    My Oldenburg mare (17-17.1hh) wears a 50-54 depending on type. Stretched out fleece girth with double elastic? 50. She's not bulky around the middle, though that's changing.

    We have a 16.1 Clyde/TB cross that is ROUND and she wears the same girth!

    That one girth seems to fit most of the horses in our barn.

    HUGE almost 18hh supposed draft/Arab cross (?) wears a 56 and at one point that was almost too small!
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    My mare is a 14 h POA.
    She takes a 48" girth
    Now weighs 821 lb. a few months ago it was 912 lb.
    Still wears the same girth.
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    I have three for you to compare to:

    14.2 hand suPer stocky AQHA gelding who wears a 48. He's around 1000lbs currently.

    15.3 tb/Arab cross. Wears a 50 girth, with a half pad. He's around 1000 lbs and in perfect weight.

    17.1 hand TB gelding. A smidge overweight currently and goes in a 52 inch girth.

    It differs with what pad I use.
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    Something I have noticed over the years, is that my mares tend to wear the same blanket size and what they measure (with a tape) around the girth area. Our geldings tend to run 2 inches smaller in girth, than in blanket size. These are fit horses, not fat ones.

    We have Cleveland Bays Partbreds, use 52-54 inch girths on the All purpose saddle for all of them. They run from 16.3 to 17.1H, nothing is real fat.

    Heck, the 48 inch girth was used on the little Western horse, 14.2H, 900 pounds. She was 78 inches around the girth, wore a 78 inch blanket.

    I use string girths, synthetic with no stretch at all. If someone gets fat, I have a girth extender to use until girth fits correctly again. Haven't used it much over the years.

    All the above horses were and are, short coupled, very short backed, proportional. Just deep girthed.

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    My 15.0 hand Arab mare, ~900lbs, wore a 46" girth.

    The 16.2 hand OTTB mare I rode for a few months--long legged and lean and maybe 1100lbs or so--wore a 52" girth.

    And now, my new boy, a 15.3, ~1100lb Arab gelding (he's HUGE for a purebred!), wears the TB's 52" girth on the last holes on each side. I ordered a 50", thinking it would be about right. My old girl's 46" doesn't even come close to touching the billets, heh.

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    16.1hh TB gelding, 50" girth, fairly average type, weighs in at about 1150lbs; same girth fits the 15.3hh TB gelding, also fairly average type

    16.2hh TB mare, 54-56" girth, and sometimes that's tight... She looks more like an overgrown QH than a TB half the time : )

    16hh TB mare, 52" girth, typical TB type but fairly large barrel. I use a half pad with her, so that's part of the extra length.

    My 50" girth works on most horses (except the two mares obviously!)

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    16 maybe 16.1hh TB gelding wears a 48 that is stretched out, but could probably go to a new 46.
    Edit to say.... now I'm totally doubting myself. I swear I looked at his girth tag just yesterday. Was it a 52? Oh who knows.

    last guy was a solid chestnut Paint gelding at 16.2 built like a Mack truck, he wore a 56. I always preferred to ride the tb first because if I rode the paint then the tb, it felt like I had NO horse under me with the tb. I'm now used to the narrow dude, but it was a transition indeed.

    Erm... Another thing, in my moment of doubt, i turned to google. I'm sleepy, okay? Imagine my surprise when google search results were for an "average girth size" of a WHOLE different kind! Yikes. "for horses" is an important addition. Word to the wise.
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    15.3hh TB gelding, been noted to look more "like a QH" - with his old Courbette saddle, he took a 52" girth, with our new Ainsley (longer flaps), he actually can fit into an old 48" I had (though the elastic is a bit more stretchy and it doesn't go up as many holes as the 52" had). He takes a 28" in a dressage girth.

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    Hrm, the ones I can remember offhand are:

    14.2hh Arab gelding- 38-42"
    15.3hh grade QH cross gelding - 44-46"
    18.2hh Belgian Draft gelding - 62"
    15hh Anglo-Trakehner mare - 50-54"
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    16.3 TB, weight-tapes around 1250, medium build with slab sides takes a 52. The billets on my saddle are kind of short. The schoolies that are similar build-wise to him (although not quite as tall) all go in 50s. One schoolie takes a 54 (maybe?) and he's a 15.1-2 Nokota. Saddle is an 18" Wintec, so fairly long billets--that horse is the chunkiest thing ever. I actually look smaller on him than I do on my TB.

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    Laddys an Appendix Quarter Horse who is somewhere in the upper 15hh (i forgot) and i use a 50 inch on him. He can use a 48 inch, but it is too snug on the last billet hole for a resting tightness...

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    One's a TB, 16.1 ish, average side, a bit smaller barreled and goes in a 50 or 48 depend on the stretch of the girth.
    The other's a paint, but she's a bit fat since she's just getting back into heavy work, she takes a 50 or 52 and she's barely 14.3 with shoes on and we're probably going to get her measured as a pony so like 14.2.

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    Breed: WB/QH
    Height: 16.2, 1250 lbs.
    Girth size: Dressage - 24/26, Regular - 48 to 52, depending on brand, saddle billets, how new the girth is, etc.
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    16.3hh TB uses a 52-54 with the 90's close contact. The 16hh QH I owned when I got it used a 58 and could have gone longer. The only other horse I've been able to use that girth on was a 17hh percheron cross in college.
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    Mine is a 15'1 Morgan. He uses a 48 in the summer, and a 50 in the winter.

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    Bluesy is a 16.1 TB - 46"-48", and he can wear a cob bridle *easily*
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    7 year old 3/4 tb, 1/4 perch mare, 15.3hh = 48"
    5 year old Welsh Sec D mare, 15.2hh = 54"

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    Sex: Mare
    Breed: Appaloosa x TB
    Age: 5
    Height: 16.2
    Girth: 52" - 54" (my old - kinda stretched out 52" fits well)
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