Longgggg story short: My horse has been acutely lame - think 4/5. Ive done all tests - scans, xrays, bone scans, MRI, EPM, lyme, etc. Horse has been diagnosed with nerve damage to leg and mild sweeny shoulder. What i discovered really helps is chiropractic adjustment. He is now a 1/5, sometimes 2/5. He is 99% sound when he gets adjusted and for a few days after, but then he regresses. He definitely feels MUCH better all around and is acting like his old self again. He has had 3 adjustments. Chiro says not another one for a few weeks. My question is - is there anything I can do to help him "hold the adjustment". He continues to improve, but he does regress a bit after a few days from the adjustment. I groom him daily and do my own version of massage. He is not on bute - it doesnt seem to do anything for him as this is nerve damage. I give him vitamin E. I know it is a matter of time, just hard to be patient!