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    Default Any ideas?

    It seems that 3 horses at our barn (2 are our horses, and 1 is another boarder) did something or ate something last Thursday that sensitized them so that when they are given grain they get bellyaches about an hour later. Believe me, it took a lot of headscratching to get that far. We thought they all had colic. Except that they all showed symptoms about the same time and didn't have any trouble pooping. They don't get the same grain, so it doesn't seem to be that. There is another horse in the same paddock who is fine. We looked in the paddock and didn't find any obvious problems. We have now found that if they don't get grain, they're fine. Needless to say, they weren't like this before. We've had one of these horses for about 17 years and he's never done anything like this. So clearly these 3 have new stomach problems that the other 10 or so horses in the barn don't have. One current idea is that they got a couple of blister beetles. Personally, I'm not sold. Does anyone have any ideas about what might cause something like this? We're currently on the hook for a kabillion dollars worth of Ulcergard and I'd like to know what might happen when the money or the prescription expires.

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    So, do they get alfalfa?
    The reason I am asking is my gelding got a tummy ache on too green alfalfa, the mares did not,
    have you checked the feed really good for mold, clumps, dead weavels=(clumps)?
    Did you worm lately, some horses get ulcerlike symptoms.

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    Although the grains are different, do they all come from the same plant.

    Moldy corn is not always visible to the naked eye. Your local extension office should be able to help pinpoint any problem with the grain.

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