I'm an animation senior at SCAD atlanta starting my senior film, and in dire need of video footage of you riding your horse! Most of my film is being done in a technique called rotoscoping, where I trace over the footage to really give the motion of the horse some 'oomf.' The story revolves around rescuing off the track thoroughbreds, and I'm hoping to put it on the film circuit in the coming years. if you have any video of your horse trotting, cantering, galloping especially, acting naughty, jumping, or just looking pitiful it's all greatly appreciated! i can't provide monetary assistance but you will receive a spot in my credits. Thanks so much for your time!

Also a youtube file will not work, as I need to be able to pause frame by frame. Must be emailed to me in .mov or .avi format, preferably .mov. This footage will not be used for anything except reference for this film. You can reach me at Tbrown28@student.scad.edu. My production blog is located at theottbproject.wordpress.com. Thanks again!