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    Mar. 24, 2012

    Default Close-contact saddle for slab-sided, shark-finned critter?

    I have a saddle fitter coming on Friday, primarily for fitting a dressage saddle. *She told me that the best bet for my boy would be a Niedersuss Symphonie, which I have en route and will have her evaluate on him later this week. *I'd really like a close-contact for some low level eventing and for hacking out. *I'd rather not spend a whole lot on will largely be my "for fun" saddle, but I do want it to serve as a jumping saddle if we go that route (at least in the beginning). *While of course I know it might not fit my horse in the end, I'd like to have a good option available when I meet with the fitter on Friday. *I've done searches here but am looking for some additional and (in some cases) more current info. *I'm interested in what you're using if you have a shark-finned, slab-sided horse (especially thoroughbreds). *If I can find something that is working for other horses of this type, I figure my chances of having a match on Friday are better.

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    I guess I'm not understanding what you're're planning on tracking down one of the saddles suggested and getting it overnighted to you, to have it available for the fitter?

    Why not just wait a few days and see what the fitter suggests? Most know their brands, and their price ranges.

    As far as "cheaper" saddles for the TBs, check out Crosbys and Stubbens...they were designed for TBs. You can easily find either brand, in a suitable style, on Ebay for under $500.

    There are other brands out there, of course, and ones that are more expensive, but for a budget saddle for a TB you can't go wrong with either of those brands.

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    Jun. 30, 2009


    I'm a little confused, is your fitter bringing a load of saddles or are you supposed to track down potentials to have on hand?

    Stubben NA still has some great deals on gorgeous (as new) saddles - not as cheap as old, used but ...
    You might ask if they have a rep/fitter in your area.

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    Mar. 24, 2012


    She asked me to find that dressage saddle because she thinks that it will work well for us and then she can just adjust the flocking to suit. If I have something in-hand that may work for a close-contact saddle then I might be able to get that done at the same time. If it doesn't work, she'll have options to try, but then I'll have to find one and have her come back. Not a huge deal, but why not try, right?

    I have enough options for local shopping that finding saddles, even used ones, isn't too terribly hard.

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