Hello everyone,

I am currently working for a 3-Day Eventing trainer and want to make my way into the hunter/jumper/equitation world. I am looking for a working student position to help me get started. I am wondering if there are many barns out there that take in working students and pay for their showing expenses (to some point) and offer them lessons or even a place to live.

I am really enjoying my current working student job and it has actually turned into more of a groom/assistant job and I am getting paid weekly and I get to do some training rides on client horses too. I would like to join IHSA at my college and so in order to improve my equitation and chances of doing well I feel like this would be best for me since I will only be in the IHSA once.

There are a few trainers I have thought about contacting here in Western Washington including Heidi Evans of Hillcrest and Lee Dennie of Pacific Ridge Training. I do not care where the job is if I can live there and would almost prefer to go out of state somewhere too. I defiantly want to be able to travel with the barn to shows and maybe do some shows here and there when I save up for them. I don't have a ton of money otherwise I would just pay to ride with a trainer but most here are very expensive compared to my eventing trainers.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for where I should look and what I should say. I am 18 years old, a male rider, have done a bunch of small shows but haven't found a horse to compete in bigger shows yet and have had really luck with finding horses to lease. I am a really good rider though and am really calm and good with problem horses. Everything helps so please let me know!

(Please email me if you have something you think might work too at jeremy_msm@hotmail.com)