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    Default Blue Green Algae - or other hoof improvers

    I was visiting the grand opening of a local tack shop, and one of the products being promoted was blue-green algae. The person who was promoting it was showing before and after pictures of horses' hooves, showing the radical improvement of their product.
    So, now, the question....has anybody out there used it, and seen marked improvement? I am looking for something that will improve brittle, thin walled feet - and am open to ideas! I've used Source in the past - I know it has ocean-based ingredients, but not sure if it has the algae.
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    Ive fed spiriulina many times. That is blue green algae. It makes a HUGE difference in the amount of hoof that grows. I put my gelding on it to boost his immune system, help with head shaking, and to help his hooves. My farrier is sold on it now after so many of his clients using it and seeing the difference in their feet.

    No need to pay more for a "name brand" - just go to and order it by the pound. A "loading" therapudic dose is 1 tbsp x 2 day. If you want it more for maintaining your horse, 1 tbsp x 1 day is good.

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    Yup, what KrazyTBMare said! Spirulina is great stuff--good for coat, skin, hooves, allergies, immune system, etc. Your horse will be *gleaming.*

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    I'm going back to it. My shelly thin walled OTTBs hooves improved so much on it even thought he has also been on a hoof supplement for years. I used the spirulina for about a year and half, maybe 2. Went off it this spring because my source doubled their price. Bad move. His feet look like cr** right now. I won't make that mistake again. I also think it helped with his allergies - cough, itchiness.

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