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When I bought Sterling he was listed as "warmblood", but knowing folks tell me he's "iberian".

This is a long story, but one night I had been in the cups a little bit and had wandered out to check on my small herd. Sterling walked up, did the usual check for treats then seemed content to share time with me. Finally I looked at him and asked, "where did you come from". Not really expecting an answer I was quite surprised when I heard him say, "about time you asked. So you know, I don't tell everyone this, but I am a Lipizzaner from the Piber farm in Austria. Let me tell you my story."

I don't know what caught me off gaurd more, a conversational horse, or that he was from the famed School of Spanish Riding. "Well" I finally uttered, "I am all ears". "Actually Dad, Mercedes is all ears, yours pale in comparison, but we don't hold that against you". Oh no, a wise guy and a free spirit, this wont ever be normal. "Okay mister, fess up, tell me how you went from pampered prince of Stiermark to paupered pony of South Carolina?"

And so he did. The rest can only be told in person

My Sweet Iberian?
He's lovely! He reminds me of one of the kindest souled horses I've ever met, although he was Irish, definitely not Iberian. Your guy has the same fabulous, sweet, kind eye. You're a lucky guy!