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    May. 5, 2009
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    Default Outdoor Arena Dust..other than water suggestions?

    Sooo, here in Indy, we are in drought conditions. Watering the ring will be out.

    Any other suggestions? I know some people use some type of oil? Can anyone give suggestions on product and application?

    My current situation:

    Sand ring. No tractor right now so an appliance hooked to a big tractor is not an option. Neither is adding rubber etc at the current time.

    Sigh. Talk about a dust bowl...
    Come to the dark side, we have cookies

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    Apr. 14, 2001


    I used to board at a barn that oiled their indoor footing. They used mineral oil, IIRC, in industrial quantities.

    It kept the dust from being terrible, but there was still enough that riding in there was not real fun, and you'd go home and blow black boogers for the night. And if you fell? You were COVERED in the footing.

    Yeah, it helped a little with the dust, but really came with a set of it's own issues

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