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    May. 5, 2006

    Default Just A Bone Spur! I Can Ride!!!!!

    I had a medical crisis starting a couple of weeks ago. I have a history of spinal cord injury. I have a cervical fusion at C4-C5 and a lamenectomy at L4-L5 with resulting Cauda Equina Syndrome.

    About 15 days ago I had a huge muscle spasm in my neck. It has happened before, but resolves on its on. This didn't. So I head over to doctor. She prescribes a muscle relaxer and 3 therapeutic massage sessions. Drugs and massage help the spasm, but I am left with horrible pain high up my back, just below my neck. I mean, it is so bad I can't breath.

    I stop riding (even though my newly discovered dedication to riding had been paying off in a big way). Go back to doctor. She stops massage and sends me to specialist. This totally freaks me out, since all my other experience has led to immediate surgery and I just don't want to go there this time.

    Saw the specialist today and I have a bone spur at C6! It is a normal, run of the mill bone spur! I start physical therapy next week and my massage therapy is back on the schedule. And I can ride. He said to start off slow and see what I tolerate, but I can ride! The doctor said he has never seen such joy from a patient just told they have vertebral compression.

    I started Prednizone this afternoon. The relief is unbelievable. Of course, in the last 2 weeks the weather has gotten too hot to live in, let alone ride in. It was 108 degrees here yesterday. But at least I can get back in the saddle once the mornings cool off enough!

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    I know the feeling, four surgeries in three years and now I am afraid to go to any doctor, ugh.

    Some times, even when not lucky in general, we end up lucky that it was not worse.

    Hope they get you fixed again.
    Neat that you can keep riding, that would anyone jump up with joy.

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    May. 5, 2006


    I know what you mean about being afraid to go to a doctor. For a while there it seemed like every time I turned around I was getting cut open. It got so bad that I was willing to try acupuncture, rather than go to a western doctor.

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