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    Default Foxhunting Poems

    I write our hunt's newsletters and like to finish each one with a poem, hunting related naturally. Well I'm about to finish a newsletter (called the Full Wire, as that's what we often jump here) and need a poem to sign off with.

    Does anyone have any suggestions please? Or a website I could check out to find one - or more!


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    I've got some - do you have an idea of how long a poem you want?
    Brothers and sisters, I bid you beware
    Of giving your heart to a dog to tear.
    -Rudyard Kipling

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    W. Phillpotts Williams has several books of foxhunting poems, including Plain Poems, Poems in Red, and Poems in Pink.

    The Book of Hunting Songs and Sports is a foxhunting anthology primarily, and includes poems.

    Songs of Horses, Saddle and Song, and In the Saddle although general horse-related poetry anthologies, include foxhunting selections.

    R. E. Egerton Warburton I believe may have some books of foxhunting poems -- or at least selections of poems in his book(s). Ditto G. J. Whyte. Possibly Arthur Conan Doyle, IIRC (I know it was someone that kind of surprised me as it wasn't what I expected given their primary genre).

    All these are public domain -- try Google Books or Internet Archive for copies.

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    The hoofs of the horses! Oh witching and sweet
    Is the music earth steals from the iron-shod feet;
    No whisper of lover, no trilling of bird
    Can stir me as hoofs of the horses have stirred.

    They spurn disappointment and trample despair,
    And drown with their drum-beats the challenge of care;
    With scarlet and silk for their banners above,
    They are swifter than Fortune and sweeter than Love.

    On the wings of the morning they gather and fly,
    In the hush of the night-time I hear them go by-
    The horses of memory all thundering through
    With flashing white fetlocks all wet with the dew.

    When you lay me to slumber no spot you can choose
    But will ring to the rhythm of galloping shoes,
    And under the daisies no grave be so deep
    But the hoofs of the horses shall sound in my sleep.

    -William H. Ogilvie, 1933

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    An original poem by Paul Mellon
    The day my final race is run
    And, win or lose, the sinking sun
    Tells me it's time to quit the track
    And gracefully hang up my tack,
    I'll thank the Lord the life I've led
    Was always near a Thoroughbred.
    I've had my share of falls and knocks
    Pursuing the elusive fox.
    I've heard the stirring cry of hounds
    From Melton to the Sussex Downs.
    Each spring I ride a hundred miles
    (My tail bright red, my face all smiles).
    And I have seen the thrilling pace
    Of many a cutthroat steeplechase
    And watched with breath and mind
    until a classic race has ended.
    For those high days can end in pain,
    Or in a bottle of champagne.
    So if the downward course is steep
    Where smoke and flames and devils leap
    I'll hope I'm on a hellish steed
    Running his heart out with no need
    For voice or spurs or flailing whip
    To guarantee he gets the trip.
    But if about the sixteenth pole
    God should have mercy on my soul,
    I hope He'll raise me to the clouds
    Above the grandstand and the crowds
    And there I'll take my ease, and wait
    Behind the pearly starting gate.
    And long before I break God's bread
    Or buy a halo for my head
    Or sink into a starry bed
    Or say the prayers I should have said
    Before the donuts, rolls, or coffees,
    I'll find the secretary's office.
    In my first interview, of course,
    I'll ask St. Peter for a horse.
    He'll lead me down the heavenly sheds
    Past miles and miles of Thoroughbreds
    And say,"Since you've escaped Old Nick ...
    They're on the house; just take your pick".
    So when old Gabriel's golden horn
    Echoes from cloud to cloud each morn
    And "It is post time" rings out clear
    I will be ready with my gear;
    My horse and I will not be late
    (Though I'll be slightly overweight).
    Then free from every mortal sin
    (Including Butazolidin!)
    We'll gallop through celestial fields
    Where neither mist nor mud conceals
    The graceful movements of the horse,
    The wide and green and endless course.
    Though some may think and I'll agree
    That only God can make a tree,
    Before God thought of trees, it's said,
    His mind was on the Thoroughbred

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    Quote Originally Posted by JSwan View Post
    I've got some - do you have an idea of how long a poem you want?
    Not overly-long, but if it's really good, I'll put it in anyway! =) Needs to be hunting-themed please (which I guess it would be from you )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Equibrit View Post
    Thanks for this one - got kinda lost in it (in a really good way!) so I can see hours of entertainment ensuing when I have the time

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    Mali, not sure that your ones are quite right for our newsletter, but I love them! Especially the TB one - will be keeping that! Thank you =)

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    May the horses be sure
    The field be gay
    The hounds be true
    And the fox forever clever.
    Eventing needs volunteers. Support Volunteer Initiatives to be proposed at the 2015 U.S. Eventing convention, Dec. 5! #becauseofseema

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