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    Default Need a new dressage coat

    I need an actual dressage coat, my foxhunting coat just doesn't cut it in the ring. It looks OK, but not nicely fitted as I have to save room for layers in freezing conditions. I have a hard time finding tops in any apparel because of my build and I pretty much know I'm going to need some tailoring for whatever I end up buying. I have an older dressage coat that fits awful, it's not worth putting the time and $$ into making it work.

    Here's the kicker, I'd like to stay around $200. I event maybe 5x a year, so spending $500+ seems a bit silly to me. I have a large chest, but a small waist, pretty much hour glass shaped with a shortish torso. Usually the shoulder area is the hardest part to fit. If the coat is roomy enough in the shoulders, I look like I'm dressing up in my father's suit jacket. If it fits everywhere else, I can't move my arms more than 2in while riding (great for eq classes, not so much anything else). My inner child would love some fun liner color, but not a requirement. Sticking to basic navy or black for coat color. My Army Dress Blues jacket is a tailored size 14 for reference.

    Suggestions? What brands fit my body type the best? Any deals I should know about? What should I stay away from?

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    I'd try the Pikeur Skarlett or the new Pikeur Romina. They're both a tad shorter than most traditional dressage coats and you can get them for just a little over $200 US at Amira or Calevo. I'm petite, but with bigger shoulders and chest, especially for my size, and found that both were cut to fit pretty well for an hourglass figure. The Romina is slighly longer waisted than the Skarlett, but still a pretty nice roomy fit in the upper body.

    I was able to try on both at a show, and am excitedly awaiting the shipment of my Skarlett!
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    I've actually come to the conclusion that in order to have a fabulous dressage coat for an acceptable price, you have to have it made.

    Everybody has a seamstress near their town they can hire for this purpose. Its actually not a very hard thing to do, and you can get them made for a very good price.

    Of course if you want to spend a lot of money, go for a GPA or a Cavallo coat, they're amazing! I bought a Cavallo Shad belly and its absolutely stunning, but I wouldn't spend the 700€ ever again.

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    You sound like you're built a bit like me. My problem area is my big boobs, so if a coat fits in the boobs, it is too big in the shoulders and waist, and I'm also short waisted. I always thought I'd never find a coat with a seam in the waist that hit me in the right place and looked good, and was shocked when I tried this Cavallo one on. It fits me perfectly, I just had to have the sleeves taken up a bit (I have short arms). It's a bit over your target price, but you could probably get it cheaper elsewhere than Dover:

    It's a very nice coat, lightweight, stretchy and comfy and I particularly like the buttons. The only thing it's missing that I wish it had are outside pockets.
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    I, too, am big busted & have the same issue with coats, shirts, etc. I think the best bet would be to get a jacket in your price range that fits your bust & have it tailored for the waist.

    Good luck!

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    I'm built the same way too, except I usually had to have the sleeves lengthened a bit. I'm between a 12 and 14 in suit jackets. I think my Pikeur Diana is a 14 or a 16 (I'd have to check the tag). I haven't worn it in years, but the last time I had it on it was a bit tight through the bust area. It fits great through the waist area. Its definitely longer than the Skarlett or Romina that Trevelyan96 mentioned. But I like that because it balances out my torso and legs. has great customer service if you need help in sizing.

    OTOH, a custom-made coat would be perfectly fitted to you rather than adjusting something off-the-rack. But a good seamstress would be able to make any adjustments to an off-the-rack coat. Good luck in your search!

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    The R.J. Classics coats are quite nice. Sometiems you can find the higher-end Diamond and Platinum coats on clearance from the year before. They also have a Short option that fits me far far better than the regular. So my larger chest better complements my small/petite physique. Best of luck! I also found a great Cavallo jacket at Dressage Extensions for a steal. Not a short option, but a very nice coat that fits me well!
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    Default Customs charges

    I just received a pair of Pikeur breeches from Calevo, and was charged customs fees by the USPS before they would deliver. The fees seemed to be roughly equivalent to the VAT, so figure that into the cost of purchase.

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