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    Exclamation De-Cluttering - BEST sites for selling, trading, swapping stuff? The UN-Ebay?

    I really need to de-clutter-ize. I've got plenty of horse and dog stuff, books, audiobooks, and unused gifts that have been sitting and cluttering up the place.

    Some things could go to a horse site (brand-new Equissentials that I simply waited too long to return, older Georg Schumacher breeches, barely-used stirrup leathers), or a dog site (a few dog meds, Panecur, Cosequin, paw boots), but I'd kind of like to stick to one site, rather than using three or four different ones. I've got quite a few books, audiobooks on CD, and audiobooks on tape for listening to on long rides or the barn commute. Plus, some miscellaneous household items that I've received as gifts that I'll never use (and no, not re-gfiting them!). Lava lamp anyone?

    Ebay has gotten too intricate/expensive/complicated for me. Most of the items I want to clear out are not particularly pricey, but Ebay's (and Paypal's) fees just eat into it and it's just not worth the hassle. I *do* have Paypal, so that works for any other online site, I just don't want to deal with the Ebay part. Lots of posts here on COTH seem to report Ebay is fine for buyers, but not so much for sellers nowadays anyway. I'd rather not deal with the whole auction format either.

    Do you know of any email lists or sites that are reliable and easy to use?

    I've heard of SwapStyle, which does have a section for books. Has anyone used that site?

    Any others you've had experience with or recommend?

    Thanks for any input!
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    I sell some on HGS HGS Classifieds

    Hubby does well with Kijiji, which is a Canadian free site similar to Craigs List but in my opinion better. The US version is ebay classifieds, which may not be as popular yet but are also free Ebay Classifieds

    Or you could always have a yard sale.

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    THere are several Tack for Sale places on Facebook. Bits and Barter Board? SOmeone here is involved with that.

    THere are re ride tack shops all over the East Coast and other places I am sure.

    I have been listing all sorts of stuff on EBay and HGS as I am determined to clean out tack trunk and spare (tack)bedroom not to mention have the money for some physical therapy for myself and my horse.

    Some local thrift or second hand stores might take everything but the horse stuff.
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    You could give it to LadyBugRed to sell for you and never see it again or your money! I did de-clutter, just not as I had intended! In all seriousness, I sold stuff like hotcakes when I put pics on my Facebook page.

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    There is always freecycle for the stuff you just want to give away.
    -Debbie / NH

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    and good old Craigslist. I've sold a laptop and two saddles on there, including one that I'd listed multiple times on eBay.

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    Sanger, TX, USA

    Default is also available in the states....seems to be set up like craigslist by cities, etc.

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    If you really want to de-clutter don't even THINK about swapping stuff. Somehow DH swaps this for that and ends up with twice as much/spending money.
    CL works pretty good for us.
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