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    Default German Team announced--Dibo didn't make it

    The German eventing team for the 2012 Olympics, per H&H, is:

    Michael Jung (La Biosthetique Sam FBW)
    Sandra Auffarth (Opgun Louvo)
    Ingrid Klimke (FRH Butts Abraxxas)
    Dirk Schrade (Hop And Skip or King Artus)
    Peter Thomsen (Horseware's Barny)

    First reserve: Andreas Dibowski (FRH Butts Avedon)
    Second reserve: Frank Ostholt (Little Paint)
    Third reserve: Andreas Ostholt (Franco Jeas)

    Horseware's Barny is kind of a dark horse, isn't he?

    The Aachen CIC0 results are in, and Chris Burton won with Jung in 2nd, Laura Collett in 3rd and Sandra Auffarth in 4th. Neither of the non-German horses are going to the Olympics, but both of the German ones are. Klimke didn't finish high at all. Now it's possible that the Germans were saving their horses for Greenwich, but somehow they don't look quite as invincible to me now as they did.

    Aachen results here:
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    Ingrid was classy but had 1 run out, just wiggled off her line to the corner in water and he ran past it, but she'd left the door wide open. I think they've picked her because if it all goes her way she could get an indiv medal... she's the main risk imho. quite something to see Sam and Michael looking catchable!

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