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    Default Pigmy goat rescue... I caved in.. help..

    So I got an email from the wonderful lady who runs the Friends of the Shelter for our rather rural, rather poor county. DH and I have helped financially as we are able, and helped place a couple shelter animals, bought a rescue trailer, etc. I am, a soft touch.

    So it seems there are two, adorable, in your pocket, loveable pigmy goats that are in a rather unsafe situation as the gentleman currently caring for them (they belonged to his son's wife who has passed, he works out of town all week) is about to have heart surgery and can't find anyone to take care of them for the several months it will take him to recover and since the are neutered, obviously they aren't breeding stock, so the only remedy anyone can offer him is to either leave them where they are and toss food and water at them for the next two weeks at which time he will have no help, or slaughter them for meat. In his collapsing word, apparently, these little guys are the only worry he has.

    I caved in and told my friend that of course they could come here and live out their lives at Stonebroke Farm. I have a couple of big double stalls, and I guess they can hang out with the horses when they're out. Don't know what they eat, don't know how often to trim their hooves, do know that they'll climb ( note to self, park good car in garage) and they'll be fun to watch. So any 'goat people", I'll take all the "how to care for your new pigmy goats" help/advice I can get.

    And if anyone on here knows anyone with a petting zoo, that would be idea, apparently they are really really friendly and love children.

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    Neutered boys are susceptible to urinary calculi so it's important to keep any grain intake to minimal. Special goat formula only. A good hay and free choice goat minerals are important. Some folks keep baking soda as free choice as well.

    There are lots of videos on YouTube to give you some instruction on goatie hoof trims. It can be a bit challenging depending on how insulted the goat is.

    I have five goats which are two LaMancha wethers, a Boer cross doe and her Pygmy maa maa, and my indomitable Nigerian Pygmy aptly named Gimli.

    They keep well in a welded wire fence that goes from the ground to about five feet high. Gimli will go under if he can find a way. He used to climb and leap but if he's happy he won't go anywhere.

    Enjoy them. Goats are wonderful!

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    oooooooooo, you are in for some wonderful fun and entertaining times!!...I adore goats..........I had a herd of about 50 at one time, including the babes, a billy, and a couple of Nubians............every goat knew their own name, honestly......I could call, and the selected ones would come, there were always a couple that came running, just because they heard my voice, but overall, they are very similar to dogs in personality................I could always take a couple for walks in the woods, and they NEVER leave you....walked many on leash and harness into school functions, and even one retirement huge Nubian wether pulled my 2 small children on a plastic toboggan one year when the snow was deep and crusty....facial expressions are hilarious, as is watching them run,with the zig zag,jumping twisting approach...............they LOVE to be brushed, just sorta get a half-lidded,stoned look about them while you groom them......brushes installed on the walls or stall doorways at their belly hgt will give them much pleasure for self pygmies were never Olympic jumpers like the taller goats (bigger goats LOVE to jump on cars, yes), but the short,stout ones can push their way through ANYTHING........their tenacity is unbelievable......but they are loving,cuddly,dear little balls of curiousity and will LOVE having them!!!
    unlike most horses,though, they DO NOT eat hay that has been sitting out too long.....if breakfast hay is still about at dinnertime, give it to someone else,cause the goats will ignore you learn very quickly exactly how much hay to put down...........

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