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    Default For folks who receive shots for allergies...

    Consider sub-lingual drops.

    Hubby has been doing them for a while; he didn't have good results with allergy shots and his schedule was erratic; making it difficult for him to get to the office (he was required to go to the dr's office as they were concerned about a bad reaction.) Hubby has a very long list of things he's allergic to.

    Anyway - he's been taking these drops for a while now; and his dr retested him.

    The results were pretty dramatic. He's no longer allergic to most grasses, no longer allergic to mold, his dog allergy isn't quite as severe, as his his dust allergy. No reactions have gotten worse, and his reactions to tree pollen have either gotten less severe or stayed the same.

    No shots required - he has this little bottle that's mailed to him once a month. Easy peasy.

    He never had a good result from the shots.

    Anyway - if any of you suffer from allergies this is a treatment option you might want to explore.

    Oh - he's no longer allergic to horses.
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    Azle, Teh-has


    I just posted about this topic on the allergy shots thread.

    I've been on sub-lingual for a while now.

    works so much better.
    Though they are somewhat new and there is still a hang up with most insurance companies.

    Luckily, my mom is an RN for an ENT Dr. and they have an allergy dept.
    The Dr.s there were not convinced that sub-lingual was better than shots....they are slowly converting.
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