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    Aug. 1, 2002

    Question Ok, what's the best ATT&T/T-Mibile/GSM Smartphone - that won't break the bank?

    My phone is about to die, but Straight Talk has a deal where you can get a smart phone - GSM - use their SIM card, and pay $45 a month for unlimited everything. No contracts!

    So, any ideas? My mom has a Samsung Galaxy, and I'm not crazy about it, at all. I'd like something with a decent camera. And one where I can get a rugged case for it.

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    Apr. 14, 2001
    Fort Collins, CO


    I manage about 200 lines for my company. We only purchase HTC smartphones. They hold up well, the UI is generally well liked and the quality of the phone is superb. If you can find a MyTouch 4G Slide, which is built by HTC and sold through T-Mobile, I found the camera in that phone to be particularly good. It was released perhaps a year ago now, so shouldn't command top tier pricing.

    We don't purchase Samsung or LG smartphones at all as we've found the build quality to be terrible.

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    Jan. 28, 2003
    Hollywood, but not the one where they have the Oscars!


    Hi Simkie! Long time no type. You doing ok out there?
    I have a brand new HTC Sensation, it has a great camera, but the UI is a bit awkward compared to other HTC's I have. I suppose it would help if I would actually read the manual!
    "You can't really debate with someone who has a prescient invisible friend"

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    Dec. 4, 2005
    washington state


    Right now, the industry standard is iPhone and hTC. Long lasting, easy to use, people like them and they do what they are supposed to. Moto has been lagging but the new Razr has made some sort of a comeback for them.

    I love my hTC Rezound

    Stay far, very far!!! away from Blackberry and Pantech. I am leery of LG too except whatever that new thing they came out with recently has been getting decent reviews.

    Go here for anything Droid and ask away
    The Knotted Pony

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    Sep. 8, 2005
    Newnan, Georgia


    Kat, I've been on StaightTalk for the last year. Cheapest thing out there, but the customer service is absolutely. the. worst. possible. on. earth.

    I will do everything I can on the website, but I still every. freaking. time. end up having to call the tech center. They try hard, I know that, but it's the pits dealing with them. Your problem will be fixed but getting there is difficult.

    The last phone I purchased at Wal-Mart (yes the one in Newnan) doesn't work in our area. Learned that while setting up the phone via the website, because I hate calling them, but had to anyway when the website said "that phone doesn't work in your area." What??? That was the last straw for my husband as far our son's phone service went. Son is now on DH's AT&T work now converted to family plan, which is where I will end up eventually. Likely sooner rather than later.

    I wouldn't believe a thing they say about SIMs cards and other phones.

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