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    Default Tattoo Spin-Off Thread

    Love the tattoo thread! Want one myself (have for many years) but can never settle on a design and where to put it. Or rather, have a few designs in mind but still am not sure where I want to put them.

    Thought I'd check COTH...does anyone know/have a link to any designs that include horses and the ocean? As a kid I was torn between being a marine biologist (especially interested in studying orcas) and being a horse trainer. The horses won out but the ocean and marine life is still very special to me. Now that I'm finally only a few miles from the beach and ride horses down to it all the time...I just keep searching for a design that would encompass the two for a tattoo.

    I've googled all sorts of different terms but almost always get seahorse tattoos in the results pages, not exactly what I'm looking for...any ideas? Or links!?

    To be honest it would be absolutely amazing to work out a design that shows the Tetons silhouette, breaking surf, and a horse. I am just drawing a blank on how to combine those three things into a pretty design!

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    Could the outline of one merge /morph into the other? Tetons to crashing surf, to a horse (front end rising up)? Don't know how it would fit or work, but surf, mountains and the arch/rising front legs of a horse all have similar angles, or can :-)
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    Honestly? The BEST thing for you to do is research studios local to you. Often, you can look at the artist portfolios online. Once you've decided on an artist, take your ideas to him/her and let the artist design your tattoo! I have found that the best tattoos are born from "free license" creativity by excellent artists! They will always show you the sketch/stencil before they tattoo it on you.

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