Hi Guys,
Im new to the area, I'm moving to the Warren Township area of Jefferson County Ohio, which I'm told is about 30 mins outside of Wheeling, West Virginia. I have no clue about the horse scene here as this was an impromptu move. I am setting up pasture and stalls at my house here but I need to find a farrier and vet, tack shops, places to school at, etc. Plus I just want to start meeting horsey people over here as I know virtually no one. Luckily, our neighbor grows horse hay but he is out of town for the holiday so I can't ask him until he gets back. Craigslist hasn't helped me any so hopefully someone on here may have some suggestions.
We live pretty remotely, about 40 minutes from most box stores but am planning on heading to TSC for their bulletin board and will be calling about to the local vet clinics in a few. Been trying to work on the barn while its sort of cool
Thanks for any advice