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    Quote Originally Posted by GraceLikeRain View Post
    Glad they went with a rescue. I hope they thought the decision through, researched the breed, and are willing to put the necessary training and time into their new boy so he never ends up back in a shelter.
    They had one AB for 12 years and a cross that came from rescue for 11 years. Were they dogs I wanted to be around, no. But they seem to love them and take care of them. So often that's the best you can expect.

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    Do you know any labs or poodles with blue eyes? I know I have never seen one. If they exist they are uncommon. Pretty sure she would actually be getting an australian shepard-poodle. The PA puppy mills seem to really like to breed aussi-doodles (family member has one from a animal control raid) his siblings were all brown with blue eyes. He has mental issues, was in the mill 6 months before they closed it down. His back legs are deformed from being kept in a small cage 24/7. If you look at his snout he has a indent that runs all the way around. We think it is from having a rubber band or rope tie his mouth shut for a long period of time, possibly so he could not bark.
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    maybe this one has a babe with blue eyes? I bet the blue eyed ones are Aussiedoodles

    Blue eyed one here

    Crap! not mini

    This one produces minis with blue eyes

    WTH??? 1300 for a mutt?
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    It sounds like OP's friend may be desperately searching for her lost dog. Which is impractical, but an emotional stage of grief that isn't going to respond to sense. It's sad, but it's a good example of why it's not enough to educate people; there's been a lot of education. What really needs to change is the laws and the enforcement of them. I don't see it happening anytime soon, given that the vice president acquired his family's dog a couple of years ago from a "large scale commercial breeder" in PA. Not exactly a puppy mill, more like a dairy that pumps out GSDs like they were limited-edition Hummels.

    Quote Originally Posted by hastyreply View Post
    Dog would grab and shake them. She also attacked Sis's 14yr old deaf/blind husky. Sis, normally very passive with her dogs, beat the bulldog off the husky with an oar. As a side benefit bulldog was very respectful and submissive to my sister when she visited her daughter's house... Just found out that my Niece and her family are adopting an American Bulldog from rescue! Yeah! They are going to pick up a 2 yr old male. Hope he's less of dimwit than the one they just put to sleep. (also a rescue, they got to keep the other dog company). At least they got a rescue. so HURRAY!!
    Wow. Good for Sis. I'd have turned the oar on the owners as soon as the coast was clear. Why do I suspect the owners will milk the pitiful "He's a RESCUE" schtick?

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