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    Aug. 10, 2010

    Default Found a tick on our Lab- recs for tick control?

    Our Lab has been on Advantage Multi since we got her 4 years ago. I know Advantage doesn't protect against ticks but she is an inside dog and doesn't go to the barn, so we have gotten into the habit of just checking her for ticks. I found one on her today for the first time and since "they" are saying its going to be a bad year for ticks and other bugs, I'm thinking about other solutions. Heartguard and regular Advantage? Other products out there?
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    Dec. 31, 2009
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    Talk to your Vet about Advantix, it's forumalated to target ticks.
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    only thing that sort-of-works these days is K9 advantix. It will kill ticks that get on the dog before they can bite and transmit disease. You'll still find ticks on the dog, but they will be dying ticks.

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    Sep. 30, 2011

    Default Advantix!

    My lab and I just moved to an ares with ticks (our first experience with them) and switching him from Frontline (fleas only) to Advantix has made a HUGE difference.

    COTHers were full of other suggestions for me as well:

    Personally I can't wait to get some fowl (haven't decided yet whether chickens or guinea hens) to help me with the ticks in my yard!

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    Sep. 7, 2009
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    You can use the Prevtic collar and Fronline Plus together (unless your dog has a seizure disorder that is set off by both or either the collar or the Plus). Worked for me in tick infested MD.
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