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    Default lead changes; straight hocks; injections; cunean tendon

    Bear with me.... I am putting this on the h/j forum because it is specific to lead changes. I have an older guy (15) who has always had lead change issues (late behind, not easy to get). Or so I am told. He is an extremely good guy, and I am pretty sure it is not a training issue. He will get clean changes intermittently but he has to be completely straight and coming forward.

    He also has pretty straight hocks and stifles. I will try to post a picture of his hind end. I put cunean tendon in the title, because maybe plumcreek will chime in about that.

    OK, finally here is my question. Hock ans stifle injections last March did not really seem to help his lead changes ( although they did help him in other ways). We did not xray (my call) because he flexed off a bit. But I am taking him back in to revisit hocks. When hocks are injected is it always in the same place? His vet receipt says DIT/TMT. If it is a cunean tendon issue would those injections have helped? If it is cunean tendon, will I see something on xrays?
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    If he has a history of late behind and the changes difficult to get?

    I am not sure anything is "broken" here that you can fix in a 15 year old with an open hock angle-that makes the joint too "straight" and closing the angle to bring the back leg up under the body to support the weight and balance in those changes very difficult.

    It's always been hard for him and the wear and tear is really starting to show...I hate to see some horses with physical limitations poked, prodded, injected and "helped" trying to "fix" something. We do it too much.

    Nothing personal here, don't take it that way. But if his hock is too straight his hock is too straight. The joint injections not helping pretty much proved it is not a joint wear and tear issue.
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