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    Default Tipperary vs. Intec protective vest??

    Venturing over here from H/J land....

    Is there really that much difference between these two vests to warrant the $100 price difference? I'm definitely looking for the lowest profile vest possible so that I don't feel like I'm riding in a life jacket, but also trying to stick within a budget. It would mainly be for schooling every now and then and maybe an (unrecognized) event at Novice a time or two. My mare is an ex-grand prix horse who also evented at the higher levels as well, and I'm about to be a college grad who is coming to terms with the fact that I won't ever be seriously competitive at anything over 1.20m in the jumper ring due to being part chicken, nor do I have the funds to show competitively on the "A" circuit - and the locals around here top out at 3' and seeing the lack of respect for the sport, just running at fences and such, really irritates me more than it should. So, I figure, why not have some fun and change things up a little bit...I doubt I have the guts to do anything beyond prelim, but it's still a good change of pace while still going to a few jumper shows over the summer. If nothing else, it might help me grow a pair and not be such a chicken in the jumper ring at 3'6"+

    Anyways, that being said, any input on the difference in fit/comfort between these 2 brands would be appreciated!

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    I have borrowed a Tipperary, and bought an inotek. I couldn't feel the difference in wearing them, and they both have met(or not!) the same safety standards. I figured for the low level stuff I was doing they were pretty much interchangeable and I don't have the extra budget to pay for custom colors or a name.

    I did find extra long shoelaces in a fun color to add some flare to my inotek by replacing the side laces.
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    Check out the reviews at Dover. There is a reason for the price difference. You can get a lightly used Tip on ebay for about the same price.
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    If by the Intec vest you mean the new "cushioned protective riding vest" that mimics the Tipperary vest, then no, it doesn't seem to be of very good quality.

    HOWEVER, you should be aware that most Tipperary vests and the flexible Intec vests do not meet the BETA 2000 Level 3 testing standard for protective vests. For something that's actually safe, you need to look at the Charles Owens or the beefier Intec. There are a few other brands as well. Yes, there's more there, but you'd be surprised how quickly you get used to it. I can't even tell I'm wearing mine after a few minutes.

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    I have the intec and I love it. I ride all my greenies in it just for a bit of added protection. Its very comfortable too! Is it gonna protect my back from being broken? Probably not, but it will protect me from a lot of other things.
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    I have both the Intec and a Charles Owen and really can't tell much of a difference. Once I put them on and start riding, I forget it's even there. I've had some good falls where I landed on my back and very glad I had the beefier vest, apart from having the wind knocked out of me, I was fine and ready to get back on. I like the fact that they have the ASTM Beta 2000 Safety rating and, in truth, that was what steered me away from the Tipp.
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