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    Default Hackamore v. Hackabit?

    Curious if some CotHers could give an appropriate description of the purpose of a hackamore versus a hackabit, and in their opinion, what the appropriate use of one and/or the other would be??

    Always been curious, and online-window shopping tonight some hackamores and hackabits caugt my eye. Would love to find out more about them and their use for my own edification! Search of old threads didn't turn up much...but maybe I'm a poor sleuth!

    Hackamore is bitless, but with a more intensive noseband? Where a hackabit has a bit (of varying varieties) but has the addition of a more intensive noseband? Right, wrong? Here's where I'm guessing.

    Also, long shank v. short shank?

    Love learning
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    The hackamore just adds nose pressure, there is no bit. I've seen it with both short and long shanks. The longer the shanks the more action/leverage.

    The hackabit has a bit and works off bit and nose action. The hackabit Ive used has relatively long shanks but is a fairly mild bit (Mullen happy mouth). So the bit action on these reaches a certain point, and that's when the noseband action kicks in. There is also often a curb chain added.

    And Neither is really a more "intensive" noseband. I don't consider a hackamore a noseband at all and they're usually made of leather (although I've seen other materials on western ones like rope).

    Either way, both are great for certain horses. My horse goes pretty well in a hackabit since it not all pressure on her mouth (too much can make her fussy and rushy) but still has really good braking power.

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