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    Nov. 15, 2008

    Default Royal Rider Flex Stirrups v. Royal Rider Carbon Flex?

    Does anyone have experiences between the Royal Rider Flex stirrups and the Royal Rider Carbon Flex stirrups? It sounds like from some descriptions I have read that the carbon stirrup is supposed to have more shock absorption, but not sure if it's really worth the extra $100. I have been having some knee and ankle pain, so would be interested in hearing from others who have used both kinds of these stirrups and if the carbon is really better.

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    Sep. 21, 2005
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    I didn't realize they had 2 different kinds of flex stirrups, I am wondering which ones I have. I'm guessing I must have the non-carbon ones since I didn't even realize there were different kinds. Are the carbon ones new?

    For what it's worth, I really like mine, I have had this brand almost since they came out, I have upgraded once.

    Maybe you can find someone near you who has them, and you could demo them.

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    Nov. 15, 2008


    Not sure if the carbon ones are new or not, but they're a bit more "jazzy" looking from the pictures I've seen online...not just plain black. I do like the look of them, but am having trouble spending $270+ on them v. $170+ for the "regular" flex ones.

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    Aug. 13, 2008


    Reading the descriptions on the RR website, they seem pretty much the same.

    I loved my RR flex stirrups when I was coming back from a knee injury. It was truly amazing how much shock was absorbed and pain relieved from my knee. I'm back to plain Fillis irons now, but wouldn't hesitate to switch back to the RR's if my knee acted up again. Paying full retail for them really hurt at the time, but they ended up being well worth the money.

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