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    Default Collateral Ligament Injury and More Lameness

    I have a horse with a mild collateral ligament injury (left hind) who has been on stall rest for 90 days. She also had a bruise on her coffin bone. Today we pulled her out to check her for the first time and jogged her. She is sound on her ligament injured leg but now is lame on her left front. About 2.5/5, looks as though she is not following through in her movement so that it could even be a shoulder issue.

    Has anyone seen this? Is something else going on? Is she just sore from no activity? I am perplexed. We just put her back in the stall and have an appt to see another vet next week. Will Adequan help her? Ideas??????????????

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    Based on what I've just been through it could be that the mare is just sore from her layup.

    I do tend to be very conservative with lameness' however. I would want to rule out any pathology first. If it were my horse I would have some more diagnostics done to try to pinpoint the area and take a close look at it.

    If nothing showed up I would move to body work (chiro and massage) and very light exercise if allowed.

    Sorry about your mare. Hope it's nothing major.

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    May. 28, 2002


    Thank you. She is going back to the vet on Monday to be checked. Our next step is to hand walk. Thinking maybe hand walking will improve her condition. Watched her this morning at the walk coming in from her "outside stall" and she just does not want to fully extend her front leg, coming from the shoulder. Hoping that it is just due to being couped up for so long. UGH. Had a really bad day yesterday!

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    Maybe an abcess?

    FWIW we have a three year old stallion here that ripped his collateral ligament right off the bone and broke his coffin bone seven months ago. He was on stall rest for 5 months, then stall rest and hand walking, now he is able to go out in the day in a small paddock. He has been sound since 60 days after the injury and is now still sound, walk, trot, canter. He had IRAP and we have a great farrier. So don't lose hope and keep up the stall rest, don't scrimp on the rehab ect!

    "Simple: Breeding,Training, Riding". Wolfram Wittig.

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    May. 28, 2002


    She's not lame enough for an abcess. It does not really show up until we trot her, probably a 2/5. It looks like it is in her shoulder. Wondering if she is just really tight from being confined for so long.

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