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    Quote Originally Posted by War Admiral View Post
    If you got it tacked back on for $50 at a RATED show, you got a sweet deal! I had to pay $80 for one to be tacked on at one of our larger NON-rateds last year!

    But in response to the OP. Unfortunately, stuff happens...I do feel your pain!

    But as others have said, it was a shoe and not an injury. It's expensive but I guess that that's the only way the show can get a blacksmith to stay. Think of what he's giving up as far as shoeing work for those days...

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    Many years ago we went to a local (as in location) horse show, it was a two day show. Daughter schooled early in a warmup class, was going to be a great day, waited 5 hours till strted warming up for class, and guess what, horse pulled a shoe, not just pulled, it was twisted like a pretzel! No farrier on property (which is normal for what was supposed to be a small show). Could not even get one to come, long story short, I would have rather paid 50 or 90 for a shoe, then have to scratch the entire day!

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    There is no one to "blame". Not the rider. Not the horse. Not the farrier. Not the show staff.

    Sometimes stuff happens.

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    LOL...good luck.Not to change the subject,but,I never really understood this idea of showing no matter how hot it is.I personally would not be working my horse in this heat wave... it's just a freakin' ribbon...maybe

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    Would you sue the city if you got a flat tire as a result of hitting a pot hole?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jewels09 View Post
    Would you sue the city if you got a flat tire as a result of hitting a pot hole?
    Not sue, but sent them the bill for the bent rim and replacement tire, along with pictures of the pothole with a measuring tape indicating how deep and wide it was.

    They actually paid it too. I was shocked.

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    Default wanna know the best way...

    Learn to tack it back on yourself. Around $100 in tools from TSC and a little time with your farrier. As pretty a job. No. But doable.
    " iCOTH " window/bumper stickers. Wood Routed Stall and Farm Signs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horsegal984 View Post
    The shoe has been on less than a week and your farrier won't put it back on for free?? Seriously?
    This was my thought! As long as I have the shoe in hand, every farrier I've ever used will put them on for free. $50 for resetting one shoe is a rip.

    I had a horse throw a shoe during the first round of a classic on a grass field. We found the shoe and the show farrier put it back on for free before the second round.

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