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    Default Correct Hunter Equipment

    Is it approriate to show in the hunters in a breastplate with a standing martingale attachment so that when it comes to the under saddle all you have to do is remove the attachment?

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    Apr. 27, 2009


    It is not considered unconventional tack to my knowledge. That said, you will be one of the few (if not only) over fences with a breastplate and would really be alone in the hack. Even if you need one to jump to keep your saddle in place, I would take it off for the under saddle - it breaks up the clean look of just a saddle and bridle, and if your saddle is going to slip during maybe 10 minutes of flatting, that is a problem in need of fixing.

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    I always rode in a breastplate over fences and u/s.

    I was never not pinned because of it and I made out quite well.

    Tack is tack, as long as it's not full of bling and isn't a training aid per se, they really shouldn't mark it against you. Not saying the judge won't, but they shouldn't. Especially if it was something that would've been used in the hunt field, which a breastplate most certainly would be.
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    [QUOTE=RxCate;6387695]. Not saying the judge won't, but they shouldn't. QUOTE]

    Keep this in mind, if you are looking to show rated the judges may be especially prejudiced against it. Schooling shows it may have less of an impact. If you are using the breastplate to keep the saddle from slipping, perhaps there is a better saddle fit out there?

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    I showed my old horse at C rated shows in the ch hunter, always with a breastplate and standing martingale attachment (not for flat, obviously.) We did quite well when our trips deserved it.
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    There are so many better products now that don't interfere with the horses shoulder that I wouldn't use a breastplate for the mere simplicity/ laziness of just taking the attachment off for the under saddle.

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    Why not just put a snap on the end of the martingale and have a D ring put on your girth or use a girth loop? Much easier since you don't need the breastplate for fit purposes.

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    Thank You all for your replies!

    Please do not misunderstand the reason for my post. I am not looking to be lazy or looking for easy to just be able to snap on/snap off an attachment. I am over 40 years old now and grew up in the equitation/jumpers back in the 80's early 90's and every horse i rode or helped tack up seemed to have a breastplate with either a standing or running attachment. Now that i recently purchased a horse that is destined for the hunter ring i wanted the correct "look" (for sake of a better way of saying it) since it is just second nature for me to reach for a breastplate when riding/showing horses or buying new tack!

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